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Takada (Joetsu city) Temperature

Takada (Joetsu city) Temperature and Precipitation Graph
Takada (Joetsu city) Temperature Graph
Takada (Joetsu city), Niigata prefecture Temperature & Precipitation Monthly Averages
Average High Temperature (°C)
Average Low Temperature (°C)-0.8-
Average Precipitation (mm)413.3275.1190.894.997.2139.8206.9173215.3220.1332.5420.3
Rising graph of mean maximum temperature and mean minimum temperature of Takada by global warming.(Data from 1923 to 2007)
Temperature change graph of Takada
Detailed change graph of mean maximum temperature of Takada.(It is moving average data for ten years from 1923 to 2007.)
The average height temperature graph
Change graph of snowfall during year of Takada(Data from 1954 to 2007)
It is a snowfall graph during year.
Change graph of annual rainfall of Takada(Data from 1923 to 2007)
It is a precipitation graph during year.

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