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Cambodia Climate

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Climate Zones of Cambodia
Cambodia Climate Map
Phnom Penh Temperature & Precipitation Monthly Averages, Phnom Penh Temperature Graph
Phnom Penh is capital of Cambodia.
Average High Temperature (°C)31.532.834.934.934.333.532.532.532.331.129.930.1
Average Low Temperature (°C)21.92324.12525.32524.724.624.323.822.721.7
Average Precipitation (mm)25.511.558101111.6177.1195.9172248.8318.913580.3
Rainy Days2.
Phnom Penh Year Average Temperature 28.2 °C, Year Average High Temperature 32.5 °C, Year Average Low Temperature 23.8 °C, The average annual rainfall 1635.6 mm
When the city name is clicked, it moves to the page with the temperature and the precipitation graph.
And, the map and the weather forecast are included in major city of Cambodia.
North eastern CambodiaBatdambang ProvinceBatdambang
Siem Reap ProvinceSiem Reap (Near Angkor and Tonle Sap Lake)
Stung Treng ProvinceStoeng Treng
South CambodiaKampot ProvinceKampot
Phnom Penh cityPhnom Penh (Capital)
South eastern CambodiaKampong Cham ProvinceKampong Cham
Svay Rieng ProvinceSuong
West CambodiaPursat ProvinceKrakor
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