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Egypt Climate

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Climate Zones of Egypt
Egypt Climate Map
Cairo (Al-Qahira), Capital Temperature & Precipitation Monthly Averages, Cairo Temperature Graph
Cairo is capital of Egypt.
Average High Temperature (°C)18.920.423.528.33233.934.734.232.629.224.820.3
Average Low Temperature (°C)99.711.614.617.720.12222.120.517.414.110.4
Average Precipitation (mm)
Rainy Days3.
Cairo Year Average Temperature 21.8 °C, Year Average High Temperature 27.7 °C, Year Average Low Temperature 15.8 °C, The average annual rainfall 24.7 mm
When the city name is clicked, it moves to the page with the temperature and the precipitation graph.
And, the map and the weather forecast are included in major city of Egypt.
Nile RiverCapitalCairo (Arabic : القاهرة )
Asswan GovernorateAsswan
Asyut GovernorateAsyut
Giza GovernorateGiza
Luxor GovernorateLuxor
Qalyubia GovernorateBanha
Mediterranea SeaAlexandria GovernorateAlexandria (Arabic : الإسكندرية , Egyptian Arabic : اسكندريه )
Matruh GovernorateMarsa Matruh , Salum
Suez CanalIsmailia GovernorateIsmailia
Port Said GovernoratePort Said
Suez GovernorateSuez
Red SeaRed Sea GovernorateHurghada
SinaiSouth Sinai GovernorateSharm El-Sheikh
DesertMatruh GovernorateSiwah
New Valley GovernorateAl Qasr , Kharga , Mut
External link : The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (Only Arabia language, الهيئة العامة للأرصاد الجوية)
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