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Switzerland Climate

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Climate Zones of Switzerland
Switzerland Climate Map
Bern, Canton of Berne Temperature & Precipitation Monthly Averages, Bern Temperature Graph
Bern is capital of Switzerland.
Average High Temperature (°C)2491217212323201373
Average Low Temperature (°C)-2-11381213131061-1
Average Precipitation (mm)150130170170180190150120120110120120
Bern Year Average Temperature 9 °C, Year Average High Temperature 12.8 °C, Year Average Low Temperature 5.3 °C, The average annual rainfall 1730 mm
When the city name is clicked, it moves to the page with the temperature and the precipitation graph.
And, the map and the weather forecast are included in major city of Switzerland.
AreaCanton (State)City
West SwitzerlandCanton of BerneBern
Canton of GenevaGeneva (French : Genève , German : Genf , Italian : Ginevra)
Canton of ValaisRaron , Sion , Steg , Zermatt
Canton of VaudPayerne
East SwitzerlandCanton of Appenzell AusserrhodenSantis
Canton of GrisonsGrono , Klosters
Canton of TicinoLodrino , Lugano
Canton of ZurichZurich (German : Zürich , Italian : Zurigo)
External link : Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (Bundesamt für Meteorologie und Klimatologie MeteoSwiss)
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