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Akita City (秋田) is a city that is in the northwest of the Tohoku region, and located in the center part of Akita Prefecture in the coast. It is the seat of the Prefectural government in Akita Prefecture. The estimated population as of October 1, 2007 is the first place inside a prefecture by 329,452 people. It is a city that becomes a political, economic, traffic central city. The bourg and the soil cape port had prospered as a port of call of the ship before the north since the Akita clan age. The department store and the restaurant street concentrate on the center part in the city, the fashion building and the hotel, etc. concentrate, and a commercial area is formed now. The government office street extends to the king mountain district. And, there is an Akita port in the soil cape district, the Akita thermal power plant is made a representative, and the industrial estate extends. Moreover, the Yatsuhashi oilfield that is the greatest oilfield domestically spreads out by centering on Yatsuhashi and the Terauchi district.
Castle Hotel Akita / キャッスルホテル 秋田 (Central, 4 stars)
Located at the heart of Akita City, Castle Hotel faces the well-known Senshu Park, where Akita Castle and Museum is located. It takes a 10-minute stroll or a 2-minute car ride from JR Akita Station, the terminal for Akita Shinkansen. Kakunodate, the traditional Japanese Samurai Town is approximately 45 minutes by the bullet train from Akita Station.
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