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Hachinohe City (八戸) is a special case city where it is located in the Aomori Prefecture southeast part, and it faces the Pacific Ocean. In Aomori Prefecture, it is the second city. Hachinohe City is a central city in the southern part provinces, and the Hachinohe metropolitan area has the population of about 330,000 people. Moreover, the trading area reaches Iwate Prefecture northeastern that is adjacent, and the trading area population boasts of about 600,000 of the eminent Tohoku region. Tohoku Shinkansen opened a business to Hachinohe Station in December, 2002. It became the short two hours and 56 minutes from Hachinohe to Tokyo Station.
Jal City Hotel Hachinohe / ホテルJALシティ八戸 (City, 3 stars)
The Jal City Hotel is located in the shopping area of Hachinohe, which known for the green rich nature and quiet castle town. A 15-minute drive from the hotel will take you to the Hachinohe Station, while the Misawa Airport is 40 minutes away.
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