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Himeji City (姫路) is a city located in the west and the Hyogo Prefecture southwest (Harima area) of the Kinki region. It is the second city in Hyogo Prefecture where Kobe City is followed. As for sightseeing, "Himeji Castle (姫路城)" also that it is a national treasure and is World Heritage is the most famous. Moreover, the festival in the autumn such as "Fight festival of Nada" and "Shoshazan Enkyo-ji Temple" that is called Hieizan in the west is known. There are a lot of tourists from the country and foreign countries.
Himeji Castle HotelHimeji Castle Hotel / 姫路キャッスルホテル (City Central, 4 stars)
The hotel is centrally located and 7 minuets work from JR Himeji Station. It is in a convenient location for business or sightseeing with easy access around the city.
Sunroute Hotel / ホテルサンルート姫路 (City, 2 stars)
Located in front of the JR Himeji Station, the Sunroute Hotel is a kilometre from the city centre and 60 kilometres from the airport.
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