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Kanagawa Hotel

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Hotel Sunroute Kawasaki / ホテルサンルート川崎 (Kawasaki, 3 stars)
Located just in front of Kawasaki City Hall, the Hotel Sunroute Kawasaki a is kilometre from the city centre and the train station.
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel / 川崎日航ホテル (Kawasaki, 4 stars)
This hotel is conveniently located at a minute walk from JR Kawasaki Station and is surrounded by numerous shopping malls. The famous Kawasaki Daishi temple and Kawasaki Korean Town are both easily accessible from the hotel.
Hilton Resort & Spa OdawaraHilton Resort & Spa Odawara / ヒルトン リゾート&スパ 小田原 (Odawara, 5 stars)
Set between the Hakone foothills and stunning Sagami Bay, Hilton Resort and Spa Odawara is placed just 30 minutes by train from Tokyo's business district and 90 minutes drive from Haneda Tokyo airport.
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