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Kobe City (神戸) is a city located in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture. The seat of Prefectural government in Hyogo Prefecture. It is a port where it has a long and slender from east to west urban area where the sea and the mountain approach, and Japan that has ideal harbors and the Kobe port that develops into fan creek part with enough depth represents it. The plateau region of Yamagami on Rokko ground that lies at the center of the city region is famous as birthplaces of the villa and resort, etc. in Japan, and Arima Spa (有馬温泉) in Rokko north foot is more famous than old as one of Japanese 3 Hotsprings. Shipping business is an active, and prosperous since it is modern for a long time by knowing the name of Kobe to the market in the world. The following develop around the industries of the trade, steel, shipbuilding, the machine, manufacturing, rubber, the pearl processing, and sightseeing, etc. , and the industries of the fashion and the medical treatment, etc. are active in recent years. The revival is being accomplished as the Kobe airport opens a port as the third a municipal management airport domestically though the urban area and the port received the extensive damage from the storm due to the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture earthquake. Fiscal year 2007, it was chosen as 25th place by "Beauty in the world and city top 25" of Forbes.
Chisun HotelChisun Hotel / チサンホテル神戸 (Central, 3 stars)
Located in the heart of Kobe, the Chisun Hotel is conveniently placed just 2 kilometres away from the JR Kobe Station and Sannomiya, the downtown area of Kobe. The hotel also has easy access to all of Kobe business and entertainment districts.
Sunroute Sopra Hotel / ホテルサンルートソプラ神戸 (Centre, 3 stars)
The Sunroute Sopra Hotel is Located in the centre of Kobe's downtown area. The hotel is about seven minutes away from Sannomiya Station and a minute's walk from Boekicenter-Station.
Crowne Plaza KobeCrowne Plaza Kobe / クラウンプラザ神戸 (Chuo-Ku, 4 stars)
Situated in the city of Kobe, the Crowne Plaza Hotel provides an impressive view of the city, surrounded by Mt. Rokko's breathtaking nature. The hotel is directly connected to the Shinkobe Station and is within minutes from both the Kitano area and Sannomiya.
Holiday Inn Express Hotel Shin Kobe / ホリデイ イン エクスプレス新神戸 (Chuo-Ku, 4 stars)
The Holiday Inn Express Hotel Shin Kobe is situated in a very calm and quite vicinity in the city of Kobe, and is convenientlyLocated close to Shin-Kobe Shinkansen Station. The sightseeing tourist spots are also nearby for guests to stroll down during their stay.
New Otani Kobe Harborland / ニューオータニ 神戸 ハーバーランド (Chuo-Ku, 4 stars)
The hotel is Located in the middle of Kobe's new downtown area. About 10 minutes by car from Sanyo Shinkansen (Bullet train) "Shin Kobe" station. From Sannomiya, center of city, 3-minute train ride to Kobe Station and 2-minute walk to the hotel from Kobe Station.
Tokyu Inn HotelTokyu Inn Hotel / 東急イン ホテル 神戸 (Chuo-Ku, 2 stars)
The Tokyu Inn Hotel is Located in the heart of Kobe City, called Sannomiya. The hotel is placed just in front of the JR Sannomiya Station, with easy access to every popular sightseeing spots.
Plaza HotelPlaza Hotel / ホテルプラザ神戸 (City, 4 stars)
The hotel is Located right in the centre of Rokko Island, eastside of Kobe Port where you can find the large shopping plaza, including lots of restaurant, shops and museum.
Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers / 神戸ベイシェラトン ホテル&タワーズ (Rokko Island, 5 stars)
Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers is Located in Kobe on man-made Rokko Island. The hotel is easily accessible from Kansai International Airport and the Shinkansen Station. The hotel is connected by an overhead walkway to the Rokko Liner, which allows guests' access to all parts of Kansai via Japan's world-renowned train system.
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