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Kusatsu City (草津) is a city located in the southern part of Shiga Prefecture. It prospered as a stage (Kusatsu hotel) where Tokaido bounded to Nacayamamiti since Edo period. Transport links that connect Japan such as No.the JR Toukaido Main Line, the Kusatsu line, No.1 in the national road, and 8 in the national road and Meishin Expressways from east to west are possessed in recent years, and the population increase stands out as a commuter town in Kyoto and Osaka. Moreover, Shiga Prefecture has the role as the science city because it positively attracts the school such as universities. The expansion of the commercial establishment came to be shown after the campus of Ritsumeikan University had been founded.
Boston Plaza Hotel / ホテルボストンプラザ草津 (City Centre, 3 stars)
Placed in front of the west gate of JR Kusatsu Station, the Boston Plaza Hotel is in the heart of the city and is only18 minutes from JR Kyoto Station and 48 minutes from JR Osaka Station.
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