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Matsuyama Hotel

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Matsuyama City (松山) is in the northwest of Shikoku. It is a city located in the central part of Ehime Prefecture. The seat of Prefectural government in Ehime Prefecture. The maximum population in the Shikoku region is possessed. "Hot spring of international sightseeing cultural city" that makes hot spring after road representative. Old bourg that develops around Matsuyama castle.
ANA Hotel / 松山全日空ホテル (City, 3 stars)
Located in Matsuyama, the largest city in the Shikoku district, ANA Hotel is just 10 minutes away from the major train station.
Tokyu Inn Hotel / 松山東急イン (City, 3 stars)
Located in Matsuyama, the Tokyu Inn Hotel is 20 kilometres from the Matsuyama Airport.
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