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Nagano map and Matsumoto castle photograph

Nagano City (長野市)

Nagano City (長野) is a Nagano Prefecture northern city. The seat of Prefectural government in Nagano Prefecture. It is famous as the temple town in Zenkoji Temple. An important position is occupied as not only the temple town but also a base to a peripheral sightseeing spot. It is a venue of the Olympic Winter Games athletic meet (Nagano the Olympics) in 1998.
Hakuba Terry HotelHotel Jal City Nagano / ホテルJALシティ長野 (City Centre, 4 stars)
Hotel Jal City is situated on the Central Street of Zenkoji Omotesandou in Nagano city. For business travellers, the hotel is convenientlyLocated and for tourists, it provides easy access to the Zenkoji, National Treasure, and Higashiyama Kaii gallery.
Shinshu Matsushiro Royal Hotel / 信州松代ロイヤルホテル (Town, 4 stars)
Located in the south of Nagano city, Shinshu Matsushiro Royal Hotel is situated close to the old samurai area Matsushiro.
Holiday Inn Express Hotel / ホリデイ イン エクスプレス長野 (Town, 3 stars)
Located near the JR Nagano Train Station, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the Zenkoji Exit and is only a kilometre from the city centre.
Kokusai 21 Hotel / ホテル国際21長野 (City, 4 stars)
Located in the city of Nagano, Kokusai 21 Hotel is situated just opposite to the Nagano Prefecture Office. The property is only a 5-minute drive from Nagano Station and 10 minutes from the famous Zenko-ji Temple.
Sunroute Hotel / ホテルサンルート長野 (City, 3 stars)
Located in Nagano, the Sunroute Hotel is situated in front of the railway station. The hotel is just 10 minutes drive from one of the most famous temples in Nagano, Zenko-ji.

Hakuba Village (白馬村)

Hakuba Village (白馬村) is a village in the Kitaazumi-gun located in the Nagano Prefecture northwest. It is in the foot in Northern Japanese Alps, and it climbs a mountain, and skiing is active in winter in summer as the summer resort. There was Happo'one Ski Area of a domestic maximum scale as a ski area of the unit, and it became the hall of the Nagano Olympics. The village name originates in Mt. Shirouma (白馬岳) in Hakuba Range where it touches Toyama Prefecture.
Hakuba Terry HotelHakuba Terry Hotel / 白馬テリーホテル (Hakuba, 3 stars)
Located in Hakuba, the Hakuba Terry Hotel is on the foothills of Northern Japan Alps as well as close to the Nagano Olympics stage.
Hotel HakubaHotel Hakuba / ホテル白馬 長野 (Hakuba, 4 stars)
ConvenientlyLocated in the heart of Hakuba Town, the Hotel Hakuba Nagano overlooks the magnificent Northern Alps and is just 10 minutes walk from the Hakuba Station.
Hotel HakubaTokyu Hotel Hakuba / 白馬東急ホテル (Hakuba, 5 stars)
Nestled on the foot of Japan Alps, the Tokyu Hotel is close to the local attractions, which include the Wadono-Mori Museum, Nagano Olympic Monument and Tokyuu Tennis Garden Forest.

Matsumoto City (松本市)

Matsumoto city (松本市) is a city located in central part and the Nagano Prefecture central part (Tuushin the provinces) in the Koshin area. It is an old bourg in which it centers on the national treasure and Matsmotoshiro. There are a lot of landmarks at the old open Satoru school etc. also in the product from the escape of war damage. It is existence like "Sub-prefecture capital" that are FM Nagano headquarters, Bank of Japan, the Matsumoto branch, the Matsumoto airport, the Shinshu University headquarters, and the Ground Self-Defense Force Matsumoto stationing ground, etc. though it is not the seat of the Prefectural government, and located in the prefecture central part as it were.
Buena Vista HotelBuena Vista Hotel / ホテルブエナビスタ (Matsumoto-City, 4 stars)
Located in the heart of Matsumoto city, Buena Vista Hotel Nagano is just in front of the memorial park of Matsumoto and just a seven minutes walk from JR Matsumoto station. It takes 25 minutes by car or shuttle bus from Shinshu Matsumoto Airport to the Matsumoto Bus Terminal in the city centre, just a five minutes walk to the hotel.
Tokyu Inn Matsumoto / 松本東急イン (Matsumoto-City, 3 stars)
Located in front of JR Matsumoto Station, Tokyu Inn Hotel Nagano is 25 minutes by car from Matsumoto Airport.

Shiga-Kogen highlands (志賀高原)

Shiga Kogen highlands (志賀高原) is a plateau in the center part in Joshin'etsu Kogen National Park in Nagano Prefecture. It crowds with the climbing mountain guest and the skiing guest all the year round, and some the hot springs gush out, too. It is cool and there a lot of visiting tourists in summering in the high ground of extending above sea level 1,000m or more in the whole area in summer, too. Moreover, Mr. and Mrs. Crown Prince are visiting skiing and the rest in recent years.
Okushiga Kogen Hotel / 奥志賀高原ホテル (Oku-Shiga, 4 stars)
Situated in the heart of the mountainous region of Shiga-Kogen Heights, north of Nagano, this elegant property is about 25 kilometres from the city centre and 30 kilometres from JR Nagano Train Station. The nearest airport is 90 kilometres from the hotel.
Chalet Shiga KogenChalet Shiga Kogen / シャレー志賀高原 (Shiga-Kogen, 3 stars)
Situated in Shiga Kogen, the Chalet Shiga is close to the Shiga plateau, glowfly park as well as the mountains.
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