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Nagasaki City (長崎) is a city located in the northwest of Kyushu. It is the seat of the Prefectural government in Nagasaki Prefecture. It was a port with the international trade port (Netherlands and toward China) and Dejima of the only Edo shogunate official recognition of the country in Edo period. Therefore, it is famous as the port filled with the exoticism including the Dejima mark. Knowing, and the Catholic Church especially there are comparatively a lot of numbers of Christians from historical details form one parish Nagasaki single Prefecture it. It is known in the history of the world where Hiroshima City is followed as a nuclear weapon (atomic bomb) used in the actual combat secondarily and now as the last radiation exposure city.
New Tanda Hotel / ホテルニュータンダ (Nagasaki-shi, 5 stars)
Situated just a kilometre from the city centre and the train station, New Tanda Hotel Nagasaki is close to the shopping and business centres, while the airport is 35 kilometres away.
Best Western Premier Hotel / ベストウェスタンプレミアホテル長崎 (Nagasaki-shi, 4 stars)
CentrallyLocated on the Kyushu Island, the Best Western Premier Hotel is just 5 minutes drive from the centre of Nagasaki and is close to the Nagasaki Train Station as well.
Hotel Jal City Nagasaki / ホテルJALシティ長崎 (City, 4 stars)
Located in the heart of Nagasaki City, the Hotel Jal City Nagasaki is 3 kilometres from the JR Nagasaki Train Station and 45 kilometres from airport.
Loisir HotelLoisir Hotel / ロワジールホテル長崎 (Central, 4 stars)
Located in Nagasaki, Loisir Hotel is a 45-minute drive from the airport and just 5 minutes from the train station.
Washington HotelWashington Hotel / 長崎ワシントンホテル (Central, 3 stars)
Situated in the heart of the city, Washington Hotel Nagasaki is only a 5-minute drive from the train station and is within walking distance from the famous China Town.
Holiday Inn Nagasaki / ホリデイ イン長崎 (Doza-Machi, 3 stars)
Holiday Inn is Located in the centre of Nagasaki and it takes only 7 minutes from JR Nagasaki Station by car. Many famous tourist attractions and shopping areas like China Town can be easily reached on foot.
Majestic Hotel / ホテルマジェスティック (Yamata-Machi, 3 stars)
Situated close to Glover Mansion, Majestic Hotel is just a kilometre from the city centre and 3 kilometres from the Nagasaki Train Station, while the airport is 40 kilometres away.
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