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Niigata City is a city of Niigata Prefecture northeastern (Cdaco the provinces). It is the seat of the Prefectural government in Niigata Prefecture. The population exceeds 800,000 people by the large area amalgamation in 2005. It shifts to the government-designated major city on the Mainland Sea of Japan first side on April 1, 2007. A vast farmland is held in suburbs by the large area amalgamation, and moreover, the rice field area is a top of Japan, and Shilshi does "Country type government-designated major city". The port was opened to the Shinano river mouth of a river part that hit the center part in Niigata City from of old, and it became one of the end of shogunates of the five ports of the Japan-U.S. amity trade agreement opening a port. It is a traffic still strategic location of land and water. The moat put on the center part of the Niigata island in the Shinano river left bank, it was made to come round, and the willow was planted according to it until 1950's. Therefore, it has the alias such as "Capital of water". Moreover, it is known by appearing one after another of a lot of cartoonist, and the by-pass net's developing.
Leopalace Hotel / ホテルレオパレス新潟 (Near Niigata Station, 3 stars)
Leopalace Hotel Niigata is Located just five minutes walk from Bandai exit of JR Niigata Station, which is terminus of the Bullet train from Tokyo. From Niigata Airport, it's 25 minutes by taxi.
Tokyu Inn Hotel / 新潟東急インホテル (Near Niigata Station, 3 stars)
Tokyu Inn Hotel Niigata is Located in front of JR Niigata Station, the terminal of bullet train and the bus terminal for local buses are right in front. Tourist attractions include the Niigata City Folk Museum, Niigata City Aquarium and the Aizu Yaichi Memorial Museum.
Nikko Hotel / ホテル日航新潟 (Shinano River, 4 stars)
Taking pride in the great altitude of the Sea of Japan, the Nikko Hotel is situated at the Niigata Convention Center. The property aims to be a hotel suited to be a centre for exchange in the Japan Sea area, featuring its structure to appear as a luxury liner floating on the Shinano River.
Okura Hotel / ホテルオークラ新潟 (City, 4 stars)
Situated in an ideal position, facing the Shinano River, Okura Hotel lies right in the very heart of Niigata City. Alternatively, the hotel is a 20-minute drive from Niigata International Airport.
Soratobu Usagi Myoko / 空飛ブウサギ 妙高 (Myoko Kogen, 2 stars)
Situated in Suginosaswa Myoko, the Soratobu Usagi Hotel Niigata is close to the Myoko Suginohara skiing area.
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