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Oita city (大分) is very in the east part of the Kyushu region. City located in central part of Oita Prefecture. It is the seat of the Prefectural government in Oita Prefecture.
Oita Toyo Hotel / 大分東洋ホテル (Oita City, 4 stars)
The Oita Toyo Hotel is Located in the city centre, and about an hour drive from Oita Airport, as well as ten minutes walk from JR Oita Station.
Suginoi Hotel / 杉乃井ホテル (Beppu City, 4 stars)
Offering stunning views of the nature with Beppu Bay on one side and Mt. Tsurumi on the other, This hotel is Located in one of the eight major hot spring areas of Beppu.
Beppuwan Royal Hotel Hiji / 別府湾ロイヤルホテル (Hiji, 4 stars)
Located on the east coast of Kyushu Island, Beppuwan Royal Hotel Hiji is in between the Seto Inland Sea and its mountainous surroundings. Hiji-cho, an old castle town is next to Beppu-city, which has long been known as Japans premier hot spring resort city.
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