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Climate Zones of Taiwan
Taiwan Climate Map
Taipei, Capital Temperature & Precipitation Monthly Averages, Taipei Temperature Graph
Taipei is capital of Taiwan.
Average High Temperature (°C)18.919.321.925.628.831.934.133.531.227.823.920.7
Average Low Temperature (°C)13.313.615.318.721.924.325.825.624.32218.615.1
Average Precipitation (mm)86.5165.7180183.1258.9319.4247.9305.3274.6138.886.278.8
Rainy Days151516151615121413121413
Taipei Year Average Temperature 23.2 °C, Year Average High Temperature 26.5 °C, Year Average Low Temperature 19.9 °C, The average annual rainfall 2325.2 mm
When the city name is clicked, it moves to the page with the temperature and the precipitation graph.
And, the map and the weather forecast are included in major city of Taiwan.
North TaiwanCapitalTaipei (Chinese : 臺北 or 台北)
Hsinchu CityHsinchu
Ilan CountyIlan , Suao
Keelung CityKeelung
Taipei CityBamboo Lake , Yangming Anbu
Taipei CountyTamsui
Central TaiwanChiayi CityChiayi
Chiayi CountyArisan
Nantou CountySun Moon Lake
Taichung CityTaichung (臺中 or 台中)
Taichung CountyWuci
Yu Shan National ParkMt. Yushan
South TaiwanKaohsiung CityKaohsiung (高雄)
Pingtung CountyHengchun
Tainan CityTainan
Tainan CountyYongkang
East TaiwanHualien CountyHualien
Taidong CountyChenggong , Dawu , Taidong
IslandKeelung CityPengjia Island
Penghu County (Pescadores)Penghu Island , Tungchi Island
Taidong CountyOrchid Island
External link : Central Weather Bureau (中央氣象局)
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