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It is the picture of the Taiwan coins that I collected during Taiwan travel.
Taiwan coins usually comes in NT$ 1, NT$ 5, NT$ 10, NT$ 50.
Who is President Chiang Kai-shek ? (Portrait of Taiwan Coins)
Chiang Kai-shek (October 31, 1887 - April 5, 1975) was a Chinese military and political leader who assumed the leadership of the Kuomintang (KMT) after the death of Sun Yat-sen in 1925. He commanded the Northern Expedition to unify China against the warlords and emerged victorious in 1928 as the overall leader of the Republic of China (ROC). Chiang led China in the Second Sino-Japanese War, during which Chiang's stature within China weakened but his international prominence grew. During the Chinese Civil War (1926 - 1949), Chiang attempted to eradicate the Chinese Communists but ultimately failed, forcing his government to retreat to Taiwan, where he established the Republic of China and was its president for the remainder of his life.
Who is Dr. Sun Yat-sen ? (Portrait of NT$ 50 Coin)
Sun Yat-sen (November 12, 1866 - March 12, 1925) was a Chinese revolutionary leader and statesman who is considered by many to be the "Father of Modern China". He had a significant influence in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and establishment of the Republic of China. A founder of the Kuomintang, Sun was the first provisional president of the Republic of China in 1912 and de facto leader from 1923 to 1925. He developed a political philosophy known as the Three Principles of the People which is still one of the guiding principles for Chinese governments today. Although Sun is considered one of the greatest leaders of modern China, his life was one of constant struggle and frequent exile as few of his visions for his country materialized.
Sun was a uniting figure in post-imperial China and remains unique among 20th Century Chinese politicians for being widely revered in both mainland China and Taiwan. Indeed, soon after his death the nation plunged into Civil War. In the 1930s he was posthumously given the title " Father of the Nation " , which is currently used in Taiwan . In the mainland , he is commonly referred to as the "forerunner of the revolution" .

Taiwan (Republic of China) is an independent nation.

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NT$ One Coin [NT$ 1] (71 year of ROC = 1982) NT$ Five Coin [NT$ 5] (70 year of ROC = 1981)
Obverse: Portrait of the late President Chiang Kai-Shek
Reverse: Face value
Obverse: Portrait of the late President Chiang Kai-Shek
Reverse: Face value
Composition: Aluminium-Bronze, Diameter: 20mm, Weight: 3.8g, Date of Issue: 8 December 1981 Composition : Cupro-Nickel, Diameter : 22mm, Weight: 4.4g, Date of Issue: 8 December 1981
NT$ Ten Coin [NT$ 10] (73 year of ROC = 1984)
Obverse: Portrait of the late President Chiang Kai-Shek
Reverse: Face value
Composition: Cupro-Nickel, Diameter: 26mm, Weight: 7.5g, Date of Issue: 8 December 1981
NT$ Fifty Coin [NT$ 50] (81 year of ROC = 1992) NT$ Fifty Coin [NT$ 50] (93 year of ROC = 2004)
Obverse: Plum blossom
Reverse: Face value
Obverse: Portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
Reverse: The latent images of both Chinese and Arabic numerals for fifty
Composition: Nickel-Brass, Diameter: 24mm, Weight: 8.25g, Date of Issue: 9 October 1992 Composition: Ring: Cupro-Nickel, Core: Aluminium-Bronze, Diameter: 28mm, Weight: 10g, Date of Issue: 1 February 1996
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