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Fukuoka City (福岡) is a city located in the west of Fukuoka Prefecture in the northern part of Kyushu. It is the seat of the Prefectural government in Fukuoka Prefecture. About 1.42 million people (As of 2007) are employed, and the maximum city in the Kyushu region. It is famous as the commercial city, and opened a lot of organizations in government and municipal offices and branch offices etc. of the enterprise. The population forms the Fukuoka metropolitan area with 8th place around Fukuoka City in Japan. "Tenjin (天神)" that includes the department store, the large-scale fashion building, and the underground shopping center, etc. is a heartland district of commerce. Moreover, there is a downtown of riverside where east of Tenjin includes Canalshiti Hakata, Hakata Ribaran, and the riverside trade shop street, etc. , too. It is said that the ability to pull in more customers extends to the large area, and is included Saga Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, and Yamaguchi Prefecture, etc. in the trading area. In addition, it is state during "Nakasu (中洲)" in which the scale of famous and the amusement center enters leading as for the town of the night on a nationwide scale, too. A center area of the business is a surrounding of the surrounding of Hakata Station and Gion Station in the Hakata part in addition to around the god district.
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Distance from JR Fukuoka Sation to Fukuoka's major sightseeing spot and airport.
  1. Canal City HAKATA (キャナルシティ博多) : 0.9 km
  2. Nakasu (中洲) : 1.3 km
  3. Tenjin (天神) : 2.0 km
  4. Hakozaki-gu Shrine (筥崎宮) : 2.7 km
  5. Fukuoka Castle (福岡城) : 3.5 km
  6. Fukuoka Yahoo!JAPAN Dome (福岡Yahoo!JAPANドーム) : 5.5 km
  7. Fukuoka Tower (福岡タワー) : 6.4 km
  8. Island Shika-no-shima (志賀島) : 12.9 km
  9. Fukuoka Airport (福岡空港) : 2.7 km
  10. Hakata Port (博多港) : 2.8 km
Distance to Kyusyu area major city.

Near Hakata Station

Centraza Hakata Hotel / セントラーザ博多ホテル (Near Hakata Station, 4 stars)
Centrally located, Centraza Hakata Hotel Fukuoka is just a ten-minute drive from Fukuoka Airport or a few minutes walk from JR Hakata Station. It is in a convenient location for business or sightseeing with easy access around the city.
Mitsui Urban Hotel / 三井アーバンホテル (Near Hakata Station, 4 stars)
Mitsui Urban Hotel is located just seven minutes from Hakata Station on foot, Canal City Hakata, Nakasu and Tenjin are all within walking distance from the hotel. Fukuoka originally developed as a samurai town on the west side and a marketplace for tradesmen and artisans on the east side. Well-known as a town chalked full of tradition and festivals, Kyushu region's largest business district, and the Tenjin and entertainment districts, Nakasu is a city that never gets to sleep.
Miyako Hotel Hakata / 博多都ホテル (Near Hakata Station, 4 stars)
Located adjacent to the Shinkansen exit of the Kyushu Hakata Station, Miyako Hotel Hakata is convenient for both business and sightseeing purposes in Kyushu. The Canal City Hakata, Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Fukuoka Tower and ACROS Fukuoka are just some of the attractions here.
Chisun Hotel HakataChisun Hotel Hakata / チサンホテル博多 (Near Hakata Station, 3 stars)
Located in the center of Hakata, 10 minutes walk from JR Hakata Station, and a 5 minutes walk from downtown Nakasu. It is a 20 minutes drive from Fukuoka Airport.
Sunroute Hakata Fukuoka / ホテルサンルート博多 (Near Hakata Station, 3 stars)
Centrally located, the Sunroute Hakata Fukuoka is situated close to the Hakata Station and Kyusyu Expressway.


Okura Hotel / ホテルオークラ福岡 (Hakata-Ku, 5 stars)
Placed at Hakata Riverain complex in the heart of Fukuoka, the Okura Hotel is set amidst restaurants, shopping malls and the Asian Art Museum.
Nikko HotelNikko Hotel / ホテル日航福岡 (Hakata-Ku, 5 stars)
The Nikko Hotel Fukuoka is a world-class hotel located near the JR Hakata Station, the main entrance way to the beautiful island of Kyushu. Here, amidst the prestige of fine hostelry, the facilities are complete, the decor attentively designed. Enjoy your stay in the luxury of the hotel's proud culture, and make your visit a surpassingly pleasant one.
Sky Court Hakata Fukuoka / ホテルスカイコート博多 (Hakata-Ku, 2 stars)
Centrally located, Sky Court Hakata Fukuoka is just a 20 minutes drive from airport and 10 minutes walk from JR Hakata Station. The Nakasu District, one of best-known areas in Fukuoka is accessible on foot from the hotel.


New Otani Hakata HotelNew Otani Hakata Hotel / ホテルニューオータニ博多 (Chuo-Ku, 4 stars)
Located a kilometre from the city centre, the New Otani Hakata Hotel is 7 minutes drive from the JR Hakata Train Station and 8 kilometres from Fukuoka International Airport. The Watanabe-dori Station, Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka Tower as well as Amusement and Shopping complex are set nearby the property.
Il Palazzo Fukuoka / ホテル イルパラッツォ (Chuo-Ku, 3 stars)
The hotel is centrally located and just a twenty minuets drive from Fukuoka Airport or a five minutes drive from JR Hakata Station.TheNakasu Distict, one of the best known area in Fukuoka is accessible on foot from the hotel.


Kitakyushu Dai-ichi Hotel / 北九州第一ホテル (Kita-kyushu, 3 stars)
Located in the centre of Kokura in Kitakyushu City, the Kitakyushu Dai-ichi Hotel is only a kilometre from JR Kokura Station and 9 kilometres from the airport.
Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura Fukuoka / リーガロイヤルホテル小倉 (Kita-kyushu, 4 stars)
Located in front of JR Kokura Station, Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura Fukuoka is 17 minutes by Shinkansen Bullet Train from Hakata, which is the largest city in Kyushu region.
Kitakyushu Yahata Royal HotelKitakyushu Yahata Royal Hotel / 北九州八幡ロイヤルホテル (Kita-kyushu, 4 stars)
With the Kukinoumi Sea and tree-covered Mount Sarakura providing a splendid backdrop, Kitakyushu Yahata Royal Hotel Fukuoka is richly endowed with natural surroundings. Situated in Kitakyushu, this property also boasts a convenient location in Yahata, which has long prospered as a gateway to Kyushu.
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